These stunning heavily caked out in trichomes flower is called Mac1. It has a rock hard density with a no spongeyness at all. Trimmed and cured to absolute perfection with no leaf insight and busting up ever so nicely. Has a phemonable aroma of sweet cookie with a twist of citrus.

When smoked I received a dank sweet diesel taste with hints of citrus. The smoke was insanely smooth and vevelty. Burned expectional in a joint being even slow and continuous the whole through. There was a real nice grease ringer with a light gray ash going on.

This is a high potency balanced hybrid. After smoking I felt europhic and a cerebral heady high. I was left blissful and in a positive state. It didn’t take long to be lulled into a couch lock and laziness. This hit me hard. Valued at 220 a zip before any discounts.