MAC is one of my favourite strains so far and this one from WTF didn’t disappoint at all!

As soon as I opened the bag, a beautiful pungent smell of berries and cookies filled up the room. The dense buds are cured perfectly. Buds were glistening in trichs everywhere!!

Really easy to grind and roll up. Tried it in a J and my Solo 2. The joint was so smooth! Nice white ash with a greasy oil ring, had a small hint of berries on exhale. Didn’t have to light it up more than once.

I find it tastes much better in a vape though. I just loved the berries and cookie flavour so much that I wanted to eat it raw lol.

This batch was potent but not as potent as I wanted it to be though, but that might be my high tolerance fucking with me. This for me is the perfect daytime strain for me. It hits you in the head behind the eyes but it’s not too intense and it won’t sedate you. It always lifts me up and makes me happy. I also like that you don’t get much body fatigue with this hybrid.