Strain – MAC Stomper (MAC x Grape Stomper)

Visual/Texture – coming as one thick, dense big beautiful bud, and pushing over four grams on the scale. Tightly compact nug compact, sporting a hardened shelled exterior with no budge, once cracking this giant beauty open to an awaiting sticky resinous interior. With its clean trimming, you get the eye catching appearance of the frosty glazed up thick layer of milky white trichomes. Bright minty green shaded, emerald green undertones, nice bright violet hues, and shorter fire orange pistils

Scent – MAC already a strain with great terpenes, but with the crossing of these genetics, it really elevates this pairing to the next level. The killer tag-team combo being dominated by the familiar aroma of sweet dough, blended together with distinct notes of grape creaminess coming more in the background

Smoke – smoke is very smooth, clean burning light greyish white ash, and an oil ring showing presence within the first couple tokes. Every inhale consisting of sweet dough mixed with a cream flavor, and hints of grape added in the mix, where as the exhale becomes of a sweet herbal taste with the grape still lingering behind

High – the effects start taking hold almost immediately once you’ve finished session. Relaxation first settling behind the eyes, propelling you into a state of euphoria. An ample supply of solid pain relief, and still overall leaving you quite uplifted. Could easily be added to daytime blazing or evening toking. There is enough motivation to allow you to keep functioning without major resistance. MAC Stomper is a golden mash-up with the potency and the tasty terps to back it up