MAC #8 from Mailbox Marijuana

Visual: Wow! This MAC was stunning! It was super frosty and just covered in Trichomes that glistened in the light. The colour was very light, mostly because of all the crystal coverage and size. Inside was lighter and it was also covered in fat crystal. There were some patches of orange hairs on the outside. Just gorgeous!

Nose: The nose was a sour citrus and a bit of a funky diesel smell.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was quite a bit sticky but it still cut up and ground up easy.

Taste: The flavor was very potent! The sour citrus really came out along with a sweet diesel. It was very nice!

Burn: It burnt very well.

Potency/Effects: Great strain! The potency was great! It hit me good in the nose to start off with and it built up very quick into a high potency level. It had me feeling great! I was very relaxed and calm. It was an excellent all-around effect that had a great body buzz and also a heady buzz to it. I was still aware, and I had a ready for anything kind of mood. Great for any time of the day! Amazing!

Overall score – 9.5/10