Medium to small sized moderately dense spherical nugs with a “fluffy” looking appearance. There are dark and light green backgrounds plus dusty purple areas which try to peek through the thick coating of resin. The bag appeal is elevated further by the great cure, sticky interior and perfect trim, with nearly zero leaves left behind. Smells I initially got cracking the bag was a rich creamy orange nose. As I returned to the bag the next day I moreso noticed sweet and doughy aromas with mild citrus undertone.

Found the smoke to be thick yet smooth, with a taste that was again nearly identical to the latter smell with sweet creamy and citrus flavors.  Burn was impressive with an obvious oil ring below the ember and a near white ash in both the bong and joint. High was an immediately uplifting and euphoric experience which had me happily going about my day. Found this later was mellowed out by some moderate body load and mild sedative effects. I’ll be saving this tasty and potent yet balanced smoke to smoke with some buddies while gaming out; but could be enjoyed anytime of the day.