MAC 1 From Order Weed Online

Visual: The visuals were amazing! The buds were whitened with frosty crystal. They had a funky shape with some funny foxtailing. The colour was a very light green but it was almost turned white from all the fuzzy trichomes covering it. It had some light brown hairs but they blended right in. The buds were very dense.

Nose: At first I got a light green smell that was funky and musky with a little bit of creaminess to it. It was much more pungent when I opened it up. I got some sweetness and some berry from it but not as much of that funky musky nose.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back a bit in the grinder and it was easy to cut with scissors. It had a great moisture level.

Taste: That funky musky nose came through on the inhale at it gave a sweetness on the exhale. I also got the addition of some spiciness and some pine. It was very flavourful!

Burn: I burnt great. The ash was very light and it had a good smoke.

Potency/Effects: The effects built up well and it had a good potency level for me. I enjoyed the all around effects from this MAC. I got some energy and a positive and upbeat vibe with a great buzz all over. It had me feeling fine and it would be good for anytime of the day.

Overall score – 9.7/10