Strain – MAC 1 (Miracle Alien Cookies X1)

Smell – quite the mixture of scents reeking off of this stuff. The nose has defunitely a similar smell of sour diesel with a sweet citrus coming off this strain

Smoke – smoke is very smooth, clean burning light whitish grey ash, oil ring presence was within the first couple pulls. The inhale consists of the sour herbal dough flavor where as the exhale is a slightly citrus but spicy in the same note

High – has a good potency, found myself feeling quite relaxed with heavy eyes. I would be able to smoke this during day or evening, it’s an even 50/50 hybrid so there is enough motivation to allow you to keep functioning although just chillin out also isn’t the worst plan

Quality: Small and medium sized compact nugs that are sticky and super dense at the same time. Buds caked in trichomes, really nice light green shades, and great amber pistils all over. Really great strain that fails to disappoint on every notch