Miracle Alien Cookies X1, otherwise known as MAC 1, is now one of my favourite daytime strains to date.

Bag Appeal: The buds were all medium cone shaped and pretty dense for their size. The buds are just caked of beautiful trichomes everywhere in and out. Great cure on these too.

Smell: This MAC smells fantastic! it has a really sweet and sour herbal cookie type smell. Could be more pungent but it still has a strong smell.

Burn/Vape: I tried it in a joint and my Solo 2. In a joint I mostly got a herbal flavour. It burned white, with a nice oil ring. The smoke was really smooth, didn’t have to keep re-lighting the joint. It was much better in my Solo 2, I got a much sweeter herbal taste with that classic cookie flavour. Produced a nice amount of vapour.

Potency: This MAC is potent but not too potent. I have a high tolerance so I found this one to be perfect during the day since it put me in a much happier mood and really helped to relieve the stress of work. It relaxed my body enough but it didn’t sedate/couch-lock me.

I will definitely be buying this one again for sure, totally worth it!

Overall: 9.0/10