Apearance 👀
The appearance is pretty amazing, not surprising tho I find most GMO strains are amazing. The buds I got were medium in size and not dense. The color is like most GMO strains, I call it a dirty green, with very dark purple almost black throughout the bud, with little brown hairs. The trichomes were thick and covering the entire bud leaving some on your fingers as you touch the bud.

Smell 👃🏼
The smell is out of this world, I love GMO smells and this definitely has it, as you inhale you get a beautiful garlic smell but at the same time its smells earthy and hints of fuel. And as soon as you open the bag you get hit in the face with the smell and will stink the house up. Truly a awesome GMO strain.

Taste/Burn 👅 🔥
The taste was a true GMO taste, as you inhale you get a creamy garlic taste with hints on a little spiciness to it. As you exhale you get more the of a spicy fuel taste. It was truly a great taste. If you are into GMO strains this strain is for you. The burn was super clean and mostly all white. My phone was dead so I didn’t get a photo of it 😒.

High ☺ 💨
The high was a great mix of both head and body. As I got half way threw the joint I could start feeling euphoric and giggle, and that last about 20 minutes and then I got hit with a body high, I felt super relaxed but wasn’t couched locked, I was about to get up and clean still just was like a weight off my shoulders.