Big, dense and frosty green buds with a chunky and bulbous structure made up the entirety of the bag.  The strain was also super sticky and the copious amount of resin present made it a challenging job to break down the bud with scissors. The smell was so funky with sweet fruity, and cheesy aromas emanating from the bag. Taste was comparable to the smell with dominant sweet and fruity notes on inhale however the exhale differed with had spicy notes leading the flavor profile.

The smoke felt airy but produced huge clouds. Uber smooth draws and uniform burn throughout the joint made this a super enjoyable smoke.

After a few puffs I found myself with energy to burn; with several episodes of euphoria to follow; great for a day I needed to get shit done. About an hour later this did a complete 180 where I was fighting the weight of my eyelids and the desire to relax. I could recommend this as a daytime or evening bud depending on the amount you smoke. A couple hoots would likely keep you energized for a short period of time; a few more would likely put you to bed.