This has to be the biggest bud I’ve had in recent memories. And it’s a beautiful one at that! Classic sativa looking structure with a ton of hairs throughout. Quite frosty as well and just a little leaf here and there. Semi fluffy but you can also feel the weight of this bud in your hand. It made a loud and clean snap when I broke the nug apart and the texture is not overly sticky nor dry.

A very pungent and terpy profile especially when ground up with aromas of citrus and spices and a gentle skunky scent that lingers. Tastes just as it smells with a smooth smoke that burns a very light coloured ash. Tried a lot of love potions lately and this one seems to have the most in depth and complex profile. It was also grown in house by Sauce House themselves like the other strains which is even more impressive.

The high is extremely floaty and spacey feeling. I’ve smoked it a few times now and it always hits me hard and fast, going straight to the head. It also has very uplifting characteristics, making it perfect for daytime use and staying functional, but definitely not something to smoke and just sit around stationary.