Lizard Queen from Mailbox Marijuana

Visual: Wow! Nice visuals on this triple A! There were lots of different colours on it. There were some bright greens, some army greens, the odd spot of purple. It had orange and yellow and light brown hairs in wispy patches all over. There was lots of nice sparkly crystal all over and throughout. It was very dense but you could tell that it is a bit sticky and squishy.

Nose: The nose was a bit funky. I got a little bit of the citrus and honey and some gas. I also got a smell of fresh salty seawater but when I opened it up it was mostly pine and gas. It was very pungent.
Cut/Roll/Grind: It got caught in my grinder a bit because of the stickiness. I had to pick it our of my grinder teeth a bit. It was easy to cut but it stuck to my fingers.

Taste: It had a very pungent taste! I got a lot of pine and gas from it!

Burn: It burnt pretty good.

Potency/Effects: I really enjoyed this Lizard Queen! It had a really good punch and a really good potency level for me! I got a great body buzz and I felt very happy. I was still functional in the head so it could be good for daytime as well as nighttime. Awesome!

Overall score – 9.6/10