Live Hash Rosin from PVRE

Visual: It was a really neat colour and consistency. It was just a bit creamy when I first got it but I was supposed to store it in a cold place. It got a bit cloudier after a bit. The consistency was similar to a wax.

Nose/Taste: The smell was very hashy but with a bit of a citrus kick and a sweetness.

Potency/Effects: It was very punchy and it gave a nice all over buzz with a bit of a clear head.

Chaos Diamonds from PVRE

Visual: They were colourless diamonds that came in one big rock. It was very easy to break apart.

Nose/Taste: The nose was crazy pungent! It was full on menthol and pine and it was soooo strong. The taste was very similar to the nose but with more of a chemical taste and it was almost overpowering.

Potency/Effects: It was very punchy and hard hitting! It gave me a huge buzz and it took me out. A little bit goes a long way with this one.