One big ol chunky well trimmed bud with a small nug made up the eighth. The bud was very dense with some significant stickiness on the exterior that only amplified on the interior. The greasy sheen on the outside complimented the array of greens, flecks of darker purples and long thin rusty orange pistils. The trichomes had longer transparent stalks with fat globular heads sitting atop; which were balanced with a healthy amount of ambers. Smells coming from the bud were mainly diesel and pine with some dank kush notes to follow. The pungency of these smells intensified significantly the moment you squished or started breaking down the bud.

The taste on the smoke followed through well with a more dominant pine profile followed by earthy flavors on exhale. In a joint the smoke was extremely resinous; burned ludicrously slow and finished with a light grey ash with minor amounts of darker flecks. I have heard that this strain is known to be potent and I can concur. I immediately found my head in the clouds; before I finished the joint. These intense cerebral effects that made it difficult to accomplish anything as I clumsily tried to keep chipping at tasks around the house. Found it increasingly difficult to concentrate. These cerebral effects were matched only by the heavy physical relaxation that arrived 30 minutes later alongside a significant level of sedation. A strain I can only suggest as an evening or lazy afternoon strain. If you need a strain to kick your feet out from underneath you; this would be it.