Strain – Lindsay OG (OG Kush x Unknown)

Smell – this strain seemed to not be holding back any of the absolutely gassiness reeking off this strain. As soon as you bust this up the smell just reeks up a whole area with some super pungent terpenes just pouring off this consisting of a danky herbal skunk and pure diesel gas

Smoke – the Lindsay OG isnt known for its smoothness and this was quite smooth but there was still the occasional cough from these high powered strain. Salt and pepper ash, deep greasy oil ring and a long cosistent burn. The taste while smoking is a deep diesel skunk on the intake and moves to a gassy wood flavor while exhaling

High – definitely an evening time blaze, you will want to prep a spot for yourself to plant for the evening post sesh because you will not want to consider the thought of productivity. Very euphoric head high moving to your body and  leaveing you melted, no worries, heavy eyes, and ready to tackle any munchies you can muster the energy to get your hands on

Quality: only trying the Liberty cut in the past, this stuff absolutely stands right next to it hands down. Excellent trim job, big chunky dense bud, lime and emerald green shading with forest green hues, and purple undertones throughout these structures. Both dark and bright thin orangish brown pistils, and a shiny trichome shield draped entirely around. The formations were hard on the exterior and super sticky on the inside, leaving my fingers sticking to everything