Strain – Lemonsickle

Smell – some powerful nose on this stuff, super dank lemon smell that definitely takes over with slight earthy pine scent

Smoke – the terpenes translate perfect to smoke, that nice lemon taste is potent and smooth on the inhale with lemon and pine more on the exhale. Clean consistent burn, white ash and oil ring present through full sessions of this strain

High – decent stone, found it to be a good head high that definitely leaves you feeling nice and zoned. More of a daytime learning bake, good potency but also found banging out tasks not to be an issue

Quality: Medium for the most part with some smaller nugs mixed in. Tons of trichomes, and some real nice green coloring with purple spread all over, and amber pistils. Buds were crispy and compact, but once again the terpenes were definitely on point and made this strain tasty AF