Lemonder from Bhang-Bhang

Visual: This one had a cool look to it. It had an inner crystal coverage as the outside was covered in lots of multi coloured fuzzy hairs. They It had a light army green colour overall and the hairs were light brown, orange and even yellow. It wasn’t super frosty but I still liked the visuals. It was super dense and it didn’t have much of a give to it at all.

Nose: The nose had a very big Kush and citrus smell to it with a bit of spice and pine.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It ground up and cut up very easy. It was a bit sticky.

Taste: The taste was also very Kushy and citrus with the spice and pine.

Burn: The burn was great!

Potency/Effects: This one had a good punch to it and the potency built up well. It was very relaxing at first with some heavy effects that slowed me down and made me sleepy. It really made me zone out so I feel it would be good for night time. It had a great potency level for me and it lasted a long time!

Overall score – 9.2/10