Lemon Panna Cotta FSE Cart – TheDopeDispensary

What a treat this cart was for myself. It may not be the most potent cart i have had but it contends for one of my favorites for flavor. I found the cart clogged very badly resulting in FSE oozing out of the tip, which has been a first out of my cart experience ive had carts clog but not in this way before. Despite that i managed to finish this half gram cart in the span of 3 hours, i could not put it down the flavor was just too good.
The site gave the option of both .5g and 1g carts which i thought to be really handy, especially if you are just wanting to sample something like i did.

The flavor of this cart was underipe bananas blended with a lemony zest and slight flowery finish.

The vapor itself was extremely smooth and burned clean, there was no crystallization and the coils did not burn even when the FSE was almost out, the FSE was not runny at all a very great texture.

The high i found to be very mild, still beats out any distillate cart ive ever had but not as potent as other FSE carts. It was a sativa leaning hybrid (80/20) that gave great euphoric and creative thoughts.


*This was one of the first carts made, i dont know if the clogging issue has been addressed or not as of writing this as i received my cart a few weeks ago but am just reviewing it now.