These nugs were a bright vibrant green with quite a few dark orange pistils, covered in trichomes. The buds were well trimmed very few if any leaves even on the small nugs there was a lot of time taken to manicure each nug. I found the nugs to be quite dense and a little dry(had to jar them when i received). Visually was quite a impressive bud.

The smell was very feint if at all there even when left in the jar there was not much to it, only once busted up  you get a feint sweet nutty and citrus aroma.

I didnt find there was much flavor was a bit sweet but nothing stood out.

Extremely smooth smoke, no harshness at all very clean. I was very impressed with how well it smoked in a joint, bowl etc.

The high was very average a sativa dominant hybrid, i quite enjoyed this strain in the mornings found it great for a wake me up.

On the website they rated this as AAAA i would more so call it AA-AAA.Especially when it came dry and needed to be put in jars for a few days. Visually speaking it was gorgeous apart from that and the smoothness of the smoke nothing else really stood out and made me go wow.