Visually, this had to  be the most stunning of the flower I tried from WTF this round (maybe ever); with the MAC genetics shining through. Absolutely caked from tip to stem with a copious amount of milky white stalked trichomes packed tightly together. Darker  greens, lighter greens and some slightly yellow tones tried to peer through from below the healthy resin coverage. This strain consisted of one large bud which was incredibly dense with a crispy exterior and spongy interior; making for the perfect moisture level. A close peek revealed a ton of untouched trichomes on the exterior with fat globular clear and milky heads. Smells were rich, sweet, and citrusy with some mildly herbal aromas to boot. Had a nicely prominent aroma that wasn’t crazily pungent but was rich and smooth on the nose; like freshly baked lemon cookies.

Burn was near perfect as well with a nicely white ash with some minor darker flecks of grey and a small oil ring following the ember. Produced smooth creamy, citrus and slightly earthy flavors without any noticeable harshness on the throat. Found this one super nice to take fat rips from the bong as it really was easy on the lungs. Effects were mainly cerebral leaving me with a focused and eyes-wide open type of buzz. I did find some mild-moderate relaxing effects settle into the rest of the body 45 minutes in but there was little to no sedation. Delicious tasting, uplifting and smooth flower option. Easy favorite for me from this lineup of flower.