Lemon Haze is a strain you all probably know about. It’s a very popular, arguably classic, strain.

Opening this jar blasted me with the smell of juicy lemons -not anything more.

Loading this sauce up onto my dab tool was easy, having the thick, applesauce-like consistency of most full-spectrum extracts.

Dabbing this was pretty much like it smelled – lemon flavour on the inhale and exhale. Lingering lemon flavours exist, as well as a mild earthiness that isn’t altogether unpleasant.

Lemon Haze’s high is a creeper, hitting me as I write this review. Prominent effects noticed are mostly cerebral, with the classic ‘head fog’ most get from haze genetics. Another strong effect is mood uplifting – this makes me bob my head along with music.

Overall, this is one that makes you want to crank your tunes and get things done. Additionally, quite possibly, obtain some munchies.