Strain – Lemon Cake (Lemon OG x Jesus OG)

Smell – not the most potent nose on this strain but it has a fairly nice subtle lemon scent to it, almost smells earthy at the same time. I found once it hit the grinder the smell was alot more noticeable

Smoke – quite the smooth smoke that brings a medium to lighter grey ash. Inhale and exhale similar to the smell translating well to a lemon earthy flavor

High – you can really notice the sativa dominance, with a pick me up boost I was able to blaze this stuff up right from first thing to any time during the day, no issue

Quality: Hairy fluffy nugs, smaller to medium sized light brownish orange pistils twanging off all directions, and a slight dusting of triches. The buds were quite dense but also quite dry at the same time. Great choice for a budget strain that will still leave you functional