Came packed in a nice little square, approximately 1cm in size.

Dark brown, with some lighter brown colours throughout. Dense and kind of hard until smaller pieces are broken off, then it gets softer and easier to work with.

The smell isn’t overwhelming, but is definitely earthy with some slight citrus notes to follow.
It did taste alright, pretty much what I was expecting, hashy and smooth.

Smoked out of a pipe, by itself and it provided a nice relaxing buzz.
Ash was very white, and light grey. Burned super clean, although I found I had to keep lighting it every time I wanted to take a puff.

Mellow high and went well with a cup of coffee and some background music to carry you on about your day. Would be a good way to start a day off, or to spend a day by yourself and just enjoying the things you like to do.

Priced pretty accurately for hash.