Found this to be another strain arriving with some incredible visuals with a near perfect trim, an array of contrasting colours and a nice squish/moisture level. The icing on the layer cake, is the noticeable amount of visible trichome heads in the crevices of the short-tapered buds. Stocky well matured trichomes were present in no short supply throughout the interior of the buds as well. The smells were incredibly funky likely credited to its GMO heritage that left the nose with a heavy stank with some mild doughy aromas to follow.

Found this one burned with a small oil ring throughout, ending with a near white ash. The same pungent aromas came through in the smoke with pungent almost foul flavors alongside some mild sweet and creamy notes. The effects were no joke with some potent effects that had me feeling overly baked, leaving me with hazey vision and difficulty staying on task. Found this was closely followed by an intense body stone that had me feeling extremely relaxed and lazy. Pungent flavors, an intense smoke and potent effects make this a suitable perfect evening option.