🌋🌋 ⛽⛽⛽LAVA FUEL// Delicious cross of Jetfuel Gelato and Lava Cake. Sourced by pacificbudboys and outsourced from the good man pink Llama.

This chocolate, minty cookie cut is a tasty hybrid with a whole array of flavours. Opening that jar you get a chocolate, minty, and some slight berry tones to the nose 🍫🍇👃 The buds came out a little loose and leafy, bud there was no lack of pistil production. Vibrant pink and purple pistils with light purple on parts of this bad girl. She’s got some stickiness in the buster.

The smoke was a delicious array of nuts and mints with hints of chocolate on the back. The tasty treat was almost like a dessert. I really enjoyed the flavours and the relaxing effects to follow. This one destroyed my stomach and made me munch and have cotton mouth hard. Would be good for those with appetite loss🍴🍽️😎


The flavored carried this one. Beautiful pallette, lack of potency and bud structure. Value was low for the price paid this time.