Gorgeous hand-trimmed buds, with minimal signs of handling. A heavy frost of trichomes mutes, yet adds a shine to the shades of green, and purple. Copper pistils peak through a fairly sparse, but consistent coverage. Really aesthetically pleasing.

A sweet, earthy citrus hits your nose with hits of pepper, and is then filled with a sweet diesel as the smell settles. A decent translation to flavour with a sweet earthy inhale, and a gassy exhale with the lemon subtlety hanging around the whole time. While the burn was consistent, and and smoke wasn’t notably harsh, the ash burned a dark salt and pepper and left a lot to be desired.

While a hybrid, this was some of the strongest sativa effects I’ve had in a while. Immediately felt behind your eyes, and brought into your head. Frequent lapses in memory, but you’re wanting something to explore. Giggly. My chest flutters for a least 20 minutes after a bowl. The indica effects creep in after awhile giving you a relaxed, but energized high. Not recommended to people with a low tolerance, but if you like to be really high as you go about your day, this is the strain.