Long oval shaped buds which had some darker purples and greens which were covered in a thick coating of resin making the entire bud appear dusty white. You could say the bud was …caked. Trichomes possessed long and thin looking stalks with mainly milky and clear heads.  Thin and curled bright orange pistils helped to break up this frosty background. Smell was mainly doughy, funky kush notes with some pungent skunky scents as you broke down the buds.

Flavor on the smoke was immediate and powerful gas; if there were other flavors there was no way I would’ve picked them up over the clouds of straight diesel. Smoke was powerful; felt in the lungs but didn’t equate to harshness felt in the throat. Burned white with some minor flecks of grey in the ash. Another strain that hit me quickly with some euphoric and uplifting vibes. However, this was short lived as dominant Indica effects had my body feeling heavy and my energy levels tank. Wicked bag appeal, over the top gassy smoke and some heavy Indica leaning effects make for another great evening option.