This shatter came packed up in a nice little black envelope, a little bigger than a bank card. Folded up neatly in a piece of brown parchment paper. Unfolded, it reveals a nice thin piece of light amber mostly translucent shatter.

Easily manipulated, stretchy consistency. Sweet floral notes, slight ‘dark coffee’ taste with sweetness on exhale. Very smooth and super tasty shatter.

Quick acting, eye opening sativa effects on this one. Paired great with a strong cup of coffee to get you moving in the morning. Took a couple dabs along with my coffee in the morning and didn’t get a huge crash or burn out at all. It was pretty relieving, ready to keep dabbing and stay motivated and happy to carry on with the day.

Definitely made me super chatty and social, love the sativa effects, slight euphoria-excitement feeling like butterflies in your belly.

Very little anxiety from the sativa effects. My heart raced a little, although nothing unusual for the regular effects of marijuana.