Tight,spongy,moist but crispy lime green with hints of forest green smaller buds covered in small thick patches of orange hairs! Coated in crystals on the outside but caked when broken open really nice trichomes that gleaming like mini furry diamonds when broken open! Smell is very interesting and nicely unique! Im getting a pungent citrus orange,cherries and some gas but translates into the smell of red wine! Taste is nice! Very earthy with some smokey/spicy sweet creamy vanilla and hints of diesel! Very smooth resinous burn with a small oil ring about a quarter of the way into the joint (1.5g) with a salt and pepper ash.This is very potent herb! Definitely has me sinking into the couch deep. Feeling very relaxed,euphoric/happy and slightly spaced, drifting off into deep thought as im writing. Great herb overall! Smells unique and tasted great and has me pretty elevated! I’d recommend this herb for night-time smoking and using as a sleep aid!