Very nice wet and thick cake batter type of texture that is fairly sticky. In very small quantities it can be a bit of a pain but it’s perfect for medium-large cold starts. It would also be great for a donut as it sticks together extremely well while also being easy to work with. Unfortunately the colour isn’t anything to behold by any means, and the terps aren’t smacking out the jar. There is an amazing minty, herbal, and nutty aroma with a light lavender undertone that makes for quite an exquisite and unique profile. I just wish the terps were more intense. Once disturbed they come out much stronger with an extremely complex underlying sweet diesel funk that really raises the eyebrows. On smoke this translates into a very refreshing sweet minty/herbal flavour with a nut/funk kick at the end that I find very unique and hard to describe. The flavour isn’t crazy strong but the profile is super interesting to me. It doesn’t have the cleanest melt ever but it’s certainly nothing to complain about. A quick clean with a qtip and iso and you’re good to go. The smoke is perfectly smooth with a great mouthfeel on exhale and a small delayed cough. The effects, much like the terps, are extremely unique. There’s a very sativa leaning heady haze that literally leaves your mind in the clouds, feeling light and dizzy and inhibiting any focused attention. By forcing your awareness to constantly flow with your surrounding environment there’s an almost childlike curiosity and wonder that is created. At the same time, there’s a sedated full body effect that doesn’t compliment the mental effects in the way that you’d typically expect. Instead, you’re left almost paralyzed from sheer comfort and relaxation while contemplating whether you want to get up and entertain whatever your mind is currently on. Overall this live rosin has been an amazing experience for me and while the terps and visual appeal aren’t anything incredible, the uniqueness of the terps and high along with the quality of the smoke more than make up for that.🔥💯💪