A rich yellow sauce with micro diamonds evenly spread throughout with some medium sized shards seen in some areas. The sauce appeared thin and runny but seemed to stay in place when collecting a dab, layering on top of one another and collecting easily as I dragged my tool through it. I don’t say it often but this one was minty on the nose with some additional pine citrus and light gas. All and all it hit the nose and lingered a couple seconds, pungent as hell.

Found the flavors transferred well with pine and citrus being the most dominant to hit the tastebuds. As much as the flavors were sharp, the vapour hit the lungs and was smooth allowing for big rips that seemed to pull on the lungs after the exhale. Melted cleanly with only minimal residue left in the banger, near perfect really.  Found the effects hit me straight in the noggin with some energetic and clear cerebral effects before I even finished clearing the smoke from the rig. 15-20 minutes later some had some nice relaxation and sedation which hit me hard. This made me feel rather sluggish with weighty effects on the body. The couch soon became my home base.