Only the second time I’ve had the chance to try some pure THCA. This one arrived as some small to medium sized diamonds that were clear and translucent. The edges of the larger sized diamonds were jagged or roughened which made it almost sparkle under the light.  Like my last experience, wasn’t a scent present as I opened the jar which you would expect and hope for.

I found collecting a chunk with a dab tool difficult as there was absolutely no stickiness to the product without any sauce to help it adhere. In the end I found myself using the container to carefully “dump” a few of them into the banger; which worked well. Smoke was incredibly smooth with very airy clouds of smoke which had me questioning whether I had the banger heated enough. My concerns faded away as I was hit with a over the top and nearly immediate headrush that had my head in the clouds with a racing mind and a buzzy head high. I found it helpful to keep myself busy for a short period of time; so, I was crushing out random projects around the house for the first 20 minutes. I found the high continued to be centralized above the shoulders for the next hour and a half.  I think in the future I will likely add this to a joint to increase the potency; yet still get some of the more enjoyable full spectrum of effects.