While this flower isn’t extremely visually appealing, the nose and smoke more than make up for it. The nugs don’t have much of a trichome coat at all on the exterior but there’s tons of glistening well developed heads on the inside. The nose is super nice and refreshing with a very sweet, earthy, and herbal gas profile. This translates very well into the smoke with an almost identical flavor but the earthy notes are missing and the herbal ones are stronger. While the flavour has a nice profile, it’s pretty weak which leaves me a little disappointed. The smoke is still enjoyable and very smooth with a bit of a throat tingle on inhale, little cough, and mostly white ash. There’s a heavy body high which leaves you sedated and relaxed, not wanting to move a muscle. It also settles the mind and doesn’t overwhelm at all which makes it great for strong relaxation without getting absolutely wrecked. Overall I’m happy with this flower and I enjoy the smoke however I do wish the terps could’ve been stronger on smoke.