Buds were medium sized and as tightly packed as they come, with vibrant bright  and deep forest greens behind a matting of resin. There were also plenty of fat rich orange pistils which gave it a unique appearance. The flower busted up huge and was mildly sticky; making it simple to roll a joint. The buds were fairly compacted on the exterior making it difficult to comment on the resin coverage there. However, the interior was absolutely packed with mainly clear and cloudy heads atop transparent skinny stalks. Smells on the bud were not pungent but I did notice a smooth and enjoyable sugary sweetness and mild muskiness.

Smoke was smooth and produced intense smoke that mildly sharp on the lungs with pine, spices and herbal notes being most prominent. Burned well with a fluffy light grey ash. Found the effects hit me in the back of the headfirst with a stoney buzz which made it challenging to focus. This was paired almost simultaneously with some moderate euphoria and body load which had me smiling and generally feeling calm and relaxed. A well-balanced hybrid that had me happy and stress free; without any plummeting energy levels or sedative effects. Medium to high potency hybrid, making it an anytime of the day smoke for me.