Medium sized chunky diamonds coated in a even coating of sauce giving the diamonds a light peach to yellow appearance; depending on the amount collected together. The consistency was tacky with the product initially feeling dense and slightly hardened on the exterior. After agitating the concentrate, it became much easier to handle; making it simple to collect and manipulate. Smells initially out of the jar were mildy woody, and sweet; but as I agitated the product there was also mild notes of skunk blending in.
Found the diamonds melted very cleanly with minimal light amber residue left behind. Flavors were moreso sweet and citrusy with a mild almost tropical fruit taste on exhale. Found the effects immediately had me feeling a boost of energy and focus as I was able to hammer out this review and a couple other tasks that needed to be taken care of. Had this slowly taper off to include some more relaxing euphoric effects but still felt this mainly above the shoulders. Potent invigorating effects that shined for me in the daytime.