Well handled and hand trimmed with visible complete trichomes everywhere you look on these buds. On closer inspection these were mainly clear and cloudy with a smaller amount of amber heads. Beautiful bright and olive-green backgrounds, patches of dusky purples and fiery pistils make for a wonderful bag appeal. This is only amplified by the size of these chonkers with one of the buds being > 3.5 grams. The buds were also cured well with a slightly crunchy exterior with some minor squish to the sticky interior. Smells coming off this bud were also a highlight with some spicy citrus and mild earthy aromas which were prominent from the moment I opened the bag and only improved after a couple days in a jar.
Smoke was relatively smooth with some of the same flavors coming through less so on the smoke; with earthiness being most dominant. Burnt in a joint with a near white ash with some minor peppering. Found the effects to be predominantly sativa leaning with some bursts of energy hitting me 15 minutes after smoking alongside some significant headiness that had my head in the clouds but my mind clear. Was a great daytime option; as I happened to be finishing some projects up in the backyard and needed to stay productive.