<span;>Khalifa Mints Diamond
<span;>Khalifa Kush x The Menthol

Grown by Headwater
Processed by Honey Badger Extract
Sourced from Classicsto

A beautiful baller jar with a nice mix of bigger boulders to smaller / micro sized thca diamonds and terp sauce gave these a beautiful consistency easy to take a desired sized dab from light to heavy weights. Clean and terpy.

The nose is sour, piney peppery fresh. The low temps are just beautiful on this, it taste fresh peppery with the diesel notes coming trough and a minty exhale. Burns / melt to litteraly nothing even on huge rips.

Beautiful effect here too a strain i can use almost anytime, maybe not as a wake and bake its pretty potent but its a nice functional buzz that definetly smacks at first. But gets nice and balanced as it settles into something relaxing.