Strain – Kamikaze Pink by Captains Pink

Smell – intrigued by a strain with Kamikaze in its name, and crossed with the always favourable pink, this was one I needed to add to my smoke list. Scented with a skunky herbal aroma, while also sporting a coffee, floral oddly paired fragrance

Smoke – the nose carrying over quite nicely to the taste, bringing over the herbal skunk, with notes of floral, and hints of coffee coming through. Exhaling with slight floral skunkiness but majority of the flavor being a musky earthiness. Lighter grey colored ash with slight salt and peppering, and wearing a thick greasy oil ring

High – not sure of the numbers behind this but I would guess with how the high unravels, it has indica dominant properties. It’s a strain that delivers a heavy relaxing body high, with good calming and euphoric effects. Further into the high, you notice any pre existing pain seems to fade away, while the munchies come on strong. Great to twist up after a long day, or night time blazing

Quality: coming in as a big dense mass of a nug, with very minimal give when squeezed. Tightly compact olive colored buds, with undertones of deep forest green. Lengthy light orangish brown pistils sprouting off the formation, and a generous spread of frosted snowy white trichomes. This is a good strain to roll up to kill your evening and send you off