Strain – Kabul hash

Texture/Visual – a soft and pliable consistency which is very easy to form, and to work with. An exterior of dark brown, almost blackened shell, and a golden brown, almost caramel colored interior

Smoke – simple to make a snake in the grass or it feathers perfectly into a joint, and it cherries up for an easy passable bowl. Smooth burning, with clean inhales the whole way through no matter how it’s being inhaled. Each haul consisting of a gassy, earthy, with a hint of spiciness, and giving off thick white smoke each exhale

High – the high eases into you, first it hits your eyes drawing the lids closer together, and works it way over your entire body, ending up in a total relaxation settling over you. A nice calming high that eases over you, and setting a mellow tone. Better left for later day, it doesn’t exactly kill motivation but your body will be so relaxed, it’s difficult to convince yourself otherwise. An eventual burnout that comes on fairly heavy assisting in a solid crash