Brand – Assorted Jumbo – Gummy Bears by CannaBuzz

Visual/Texture – this is my third bag of these beastly Bears, almost becoming fresher each batch, ready to be devoured immediately. Perfectly shaped, this group of bears coming in a unique five flavor variation that you wouldn’t normally come across, but these are definitely something out of the norm. Why not try new things especially with they come packing a triple digit dosage

Flavor – these are perfectly portioned out for splitting, with a pair of each flavor combo, this pack is ideal for sharing with the wife. Finding edibles to be that much more enjoyable when provided in a variety of different flavors per package. Packing in five heavy hitting jumbo jellies – the creamy white are Pina Colada flavored, Teal popping you with a Tropical Fruit Punch, Yellowish Orange were a sweet Peach Mango, Green tasting of a Strawberry Kiwi, and the Orangish Red slapping you with a  Watermelon flavoring. All being delicious in their own sense, with really very little in terms of any weed flavoring, and no film left over after chewing these bad boys up

Potency – Jumbo in size and in potency, these bellied bears have packed on a solid 100mg per with a gang of 1k mgs total up in their cave. These are great for setting up your evening with enhanced euphoric effects, sending you to a happy place, a full relaxation taking hold over your body, and temporarily forgetting any problems. Crank it up a notch by taking on a tag-team of these little sumo Bears, and you will be set up for an evening of sedation. Heavy eyes will eventually get too weighted, and ensure a solid night’s sleep guaranteed. If you’re still need to function somewhat, then one will do the trick, or if you’re ready to shift yourself into the idle position and become stationary for the evening, two or more of these grand Grizzlies