Juicy Fruit rated as Sativa 55/45
A cross of two land race one Thailand Sativa and Afghani Indica

Smaller sized nugs with a lots of long pistils giving the nugs that orangey colors from afar with a lime green shining thru. Pretty dense and hard to the touch. Nice ammount of healthy trichomes on the inside a bit ruffed up on the outside. It felt snappy but still fresh as you can picture in the video.

Smelled really good fruity and sour. Kind of like a sour lemon mixed with red berries and bubblegum hints. Didnt transfer to the smoke super well a bit spicy and earthy with a light citrus finish not unpleasant but not fruity like the smell. Burned nice and slow and left a gray ash with a darker rim on the edges of bowls.

The effects are strong but could have been more motivating/ sharpening for me to consider it an early morning rotation / sativa leaning. It was euphorising and made me feel lightly focused but also leaned on the sedating and relaxing side. Early onset of couch lock came in fast. Id say mid day and so on haha !