Big ol’ buds with a patchwork of purples, an array of greens and light and bright winding orange pistils with a tight trim. The nugs were also dense AF and absolutely caked in short densely packed complete trichomes; giving the exterior an almost shiny appearance. The smells as you may have guessed scents were extremely gassy with fumes of diesel hitting the nostrils quickly; lingering there for some time. There were also some skunky, earthy and pine notes but these were mild in comparison.

The smoke was even more delicious and reflected the smell well with diesel, skunk plus the addition of some pine notes which held out till the bitter end of the joint. Burn was also near perfect being slow and even with a greasy oil ring present after the first few tokes; ending with a mostly white; salt and pepper ash. Found the effects built up to a solid potency level quickly; leaving me with a heady stone and hazey vision. A quick increase in energy levels also followed which helped me hammer out a few tasks I had been putting off around the house. Relaxing physical effects finally made an appearance 30 minutes later; helping to mellow out the buzz. Great sativa leaning hybrid with some great visuals, pungent flavors and rather potent effects.