Great little packaging. The cardboard is empty apart from the cartridge which makes for a great protective holder during transport.

The cart itself was a bit unique looking. White gold in color with a fluted mouth piece. Serious helping of concentrate inside – light amber in color, homogeneous and semi-opaque. Tiny little micro bubbles throughout though they are barely detectable to the eye.

First inhale proved to be a bit of a challenge. The incredibly thick concentrate had everything plugged up. Required a preheat and a hard suck to get things going. Produces some lightly flavored vapor that is incredibly smooth at low temps. Bright floral terps with a sharp lemony-citrus finish.

As far as carts go, I found this one in particular to be notably potent. Produced a strong headrush immediately after exhale that is comparable to what one experiences after a dab. Settles to a strong cerebral buzz that is hazy and disorienting.

Definitely a high end cart, especially when it comes to potency.