On opening the jar of this flower I get hit with a strong gas smell right away with some other smells that I was having a hard time describing. It was described to me as berries, cream, and gas. It’s a very “dry” smell, in the sense that I don’t get any sweetness in the smell at all. The nugs ranged from .25g-3g with very few small nugs, most were medium-large nugs. The nugs all had beautiful greens and dark hues of purple throughout with bright orange hairs, the outside of the nugs look reasonably covered in trichomes but nothing crazy. It was quite dense feeling and upon breaking it up it was slightly more airy on the inside of the nugs and it looked quite resinous with tons of trichcomes.

Rolled in a joint it smoked very cleanly with bright grey-white ash, it made me cough a little but not from the harshness on the throat, it was the expanding/tickling feeling in my lungs. It had a bit of a funk/cheese taste on the exhale. It hit me with an almost immediate full body buzz that had that tingling feel to it along with a very relaxed feeling. I smoked a 1g joint and after about 45-60 minutes I couldn’t keep my eyes open and had to go to bed, this stuff hit me quite hard and was great for before bed.