Jedi Kush from The Leaf Express

Visual: This one was pretty funky looking. It was a very dark army green but it had lots of fuzzy white crystal all over and some cool purple veined leaves. It was very dense.

Nose: The nose had a savory breath smell to it with a bit of heavy earthiness.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was a bit hard to get it going with the grinder because it was very dense. It was easy to cut up with scissors. It had a dry crystal structure to it, similar to a breath strain as well. It was a bit powdery on my fingers.

Taste: The taste was quite pungent. There was lots of piney kush as well as that savory breath.

Burn: It burnt good but the ask was a bit dark.

Potency/Effects: This Jedi Kush had a heavy feeling to it that matched the visuals. It had a bit of a punch and the potency built up well. It was very relaxing and it would be good for nighttime with its heavy and mellow effects.

Overall score – 9.2/10