Jean Guy not rated but id give this AAAA
Said to be a phenotype of White Widow Sativa a cross bred by Club Compassion Montréal

Big and rather dense nug with a bit loose structure. Super sticky left my finger full of resin after breaking the nug to take pics.
Bright greens with darker shade on the sugar leafs. Bright orange pistils in perfect condition never been in a bag. A generous layer of mostly bright and a couple amber trichomes. A little leafy and found a couple premature seeds. Didnt seem to affect potency much or maybe but not enough for me to realise.

This stuff was reeking so pungent and fresh, mostly piney fruity/citrusy. Similar to a  pine sap with strong sour citrus notes. The smell transfers perfectly to the taste and leaves a piney aftertaste. The smoke is light but a bit spicy still easy to take big rips. Burn a bit salt and pepper more on the salty side. Leaves decent resin rings on joints. Kept opening the jar to stuff my face in it. It was INSANE.

The effect are super uplifting and energizing i was a bit jittery smoking this at night. But its a good first strain for daily rotation. Gets a bit spacy a couple rips in but easy to keep track and get things done. Definitely a classic for me and this was the best representation i got of it.