The Jamaican Pineapple Skunk 100% HTFS Vape Pen Cartridge by Ganja Wise provides a unique taste profile that I have not experienced before. The inhale is smooth and mildly sweet (very very slight hint of bubble gum), but also sour. Upon exhaling a pungent cheese flavor manifests with hints of ripe pineapple fruit. Once in a while, I can taste a splash of garlic and spice, but it is not always present.  You will most definitely have bad breath after vaping this cart, and it also smells quite strong so consider yourself warned!

The strain vapes like a hybrid and initially hit as a conventional Sativa with splashes of calming Indica waves flowing through the body. I feel social and easily excitable, and the creatives juices are flowing.  Vaping this cart before bedtime is probably not the best of ideas, however, it is a good daytime vape for Indica lovers who are overwhelmed with pure Sativas.

I am vaping this cart on 2.8v with zero burning issues. There is some minor clogging/slurpiness; however, it clears very easily and no leaking occurred. Overall, the low price and unique taste will make this a winner in the value category!