Compared to the other two; Jamaican dream had the most appealing visuals with a fresh and wet texture along the exterior; making it look like fresh fudge that hadn’t quite set. As I collected a dab; it was surprising to find the budder was much firmer than its appearance lets on. Making it simple to snag a respectable glob. Smells coming out of the jar weren’t overly potent but smelt some sugary, fruity aromas with an undertone of herbal notes.
The flavor on the smoke again mirrored the smell quite well with some sweet fruity tastes being most prominent. The buzz immediately hit me between the eyes with an energetic and clear-headed high that made it easy to stay focused or motivated to hammer out tasks. An easily Sativa leaning smoke without a hint sedation. In this case, heading out on the bike with my dog was the perfect activity to use up the piles of euphoric and uplifting vibes this budder produced. One of the concentrates I could see myself trying before a run or workout at the gym.