Strain – Jager Punch

Smell – as soon as you rip the bag open you get blasted by big fruity smells, some unique fruit like terpenes coming off of the strain

Smoke – lighter grey salt and pepper ash with a decent resin ring. A really clean smooth smoking strain with the inhale having an earthy grape flavoring to it and the exhale being more of a woody fruit taste that lingers in your mouth

High – it is hood all around stuff and I found it to be decent for later day as a good tasty strain that is quite relaxing. I didn’t find it couch locking but it for sure doesn’t allow you to keep concentrated for long periods

Quality: Smaller sized nugs of fruitiness, mostly darker green colored with some nice purple accents popping through, good dark orange pistils coverage. Buds were compact, squishy to the squeeze, and decent to grind and roll no issue