Jager from Hillside Pharms

Cultivator: Selkirk Farms

Cross: LA Confidential x Blue Dream

80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Visual: These cone shaped buds had lots of sparkly crystal all over. It had some deep dark greens and some lighter green leaves with rusty red hairs all over. They were very dense buds.

Nose: The nose was very pungent! I got lots of pine and a bit of gas and a hint of black licorice and woodiness. When I opened it up it was even more pungent with the pine and gas and it had a bit of a sweet berry smell as well.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back in the grinder a bit and I had to pick it out because of its density and stickiness. It had a great moisture level.

Taste: The flavour was amazing! I got a huge hit of black licorice right away and lots of gas and a sour woodiness. Wow! Full flavour!

Burn: The burn was great! It had a super white ash and it burnt slow and steady. It was a great smoke!

Potency/Effects: This Jager hit me hard with its rich potency and pungency! I could really feel the hit behind my nose, and it had a very high potency level for me. It had good all-around heavy effects with a weighing down feeling in my body and it slowed everything down. It was very relaxing, and it mushed up my brain a bit. I Loved it!

Overall score – 9.8/10